[RFI] 1.916 Intruder?

KD7JYK DM09 kd7jyk at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 16 00:55:14 EST 2014

Nearly identical system, different intent:

- It is a high-frequency surface-wave radar (HFSWR) system, developed
by Raytheon Canada for the Canadian military. It seems to be a new
version of the SWR503 MK2 HFSWR system. It is intended to detect ships
up to 200 miles from a country's coast (EEZ) to protect against
terrorists, smugglers, and unauthorized fishing vessels as well as
locate vessels in distress. The present system has been detected at
1915, 3250, 4400, and 5300 kHz.

- It is located at Hartlen Point, NS, near Halifax
       (point Google Earth to   44 35 29.47 N   63 26 49.68 W  )

A very minor amount of egg on my face, how could I know the similar type of
system with a nearly identical modulation scheme indeterminate from dozens 
of other systems would be looking for something ON the waves instead of the 
waves themselves?

Neat trick, use old technology for a new purpose, like FM broadcast and TV
transmissions for tracking stealth aircraft!


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