[RFI] 1.916 Intruder?

KD7JYK DM09 kd7jyk at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 10 23:42:12 EST 2014

"Tuning right now to 4580 Khz reveals two CODAR transmitters sweeping away,
over a span of about 600 Khz. Much different sounding than the 1916

Two CODARs would be about 60 KHz at the outside.  I hear four there tonight,
still far short of a half a meg.  Dropped to two at 50 KHz as I type this
with STANAG and encrypted RTTY above that, some more CODAR, ALE and an
unusual weak wavering signal at 4735 USB.  Some broadcasters, more CODAR,
encrypted voice, MORE CODAR (Geez, the plague of HF since the late 90's),
same broadcaster, more RTTY , then WWV...

Someone may want to look at the signal on 4735 KHz USB, I've never seen or
heard it before.

You notice all CW, fast or slow, is still CW and sounds like it, well,
except the kilo-LPM stuff in HSMS, all CODAR, fast or slow, still sounds
like nothing but CODAR...  Once you hear it you'll never confuse it with
anything else, it is unto itself.

Different CODARs run by different organizations, depending on what they need
in the way of data will have different sweep rates and modulation schemes,
but it will still look and sound like CODAR, not something else.  All CODAR
heard each night since this was reported from MF to just below 10m,
sometimes dozens in a quick sweep sounds nearly the same, looks nearly the
same and certainly sounds like nothing else.

With that, I jump back up to the Class C telemetry stuff and spend my night
listening to more than six decades worth of equipment of beeps, buzzes and
squawks and IDing the devices producing them.  So far I've figured out all
but one, still hoping to hear the new WallyHome devices.


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