[RFI] LED Bulbs

CR ka5s at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 12 16:15:21 EST 2014

The FCC has recently moved against other-than-RF sources.




Also interesting old news (SMPS problem): 

Looking around I find the problem of RFI from VFD's has been known as 
long as they have been around.  Luckily, filters are sold specifically 
for this applicaton. See for example

Now back to LED's


On 2/12/2014 1:54 PM, Lee K7TJR wrote:
> For me this discussion is of a minor problem. I have had a wood products company move
>   within 200 yards of my antenna field. Not only have they caused a rather loud audio noise
>   but they have installed a 100 Horsepower Air compressor with a VFD drive. They also have
>   large sawdust moving blowers that run on VFDs and they have mentioned how
>   environmentally conscious they are. These items have raised my heretofore very low noise
>   level by over 20 dB. I manufacture low noise receiving systems and now I no longer have
>   a way to test them here. This also ruins my 160 meter DXing.

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