[RFI] LED Bulbs

Lee K7TJR k7tjr at msn.com
Wed Feb 12 13:54:35 EST 2014

    For me this discussion is of a minor problem. I have had a wood products company move
 within 200 yards of my antenna field. Not only have they caused a rather loud audio noise
 but they have installed a 100 Horsepower Air compressor with a VFD drive. They also have
 large sawdust moving blowers that run on VFDs and they have mentioned how
 environmentally conscious they are. These items have raised my heretofore very low noise
 level by over 20 dB. I manufacture low noise receiving systems and now I no longer have
 a way to test them here. This also ruins my 160 meter DXing.  I have not confronted them yet.
   I have spoken to the power company investigator and we have a plan to make sure our
 doorstep is very clean before I confront the company. I moved one of my systems
 1200 feet away from any power lines etc. but still have a 18dB increase in the noise floor.
  So the bottom line for me is that these little devices in this discussion  pale in comparison
 to the very large problems being generated by "Green" companies making VFD drives
 (Variable Frequency Drives) and not making customers buy suitable filtering and proper
 installation for them. Yes if you drive by their power line while listening to the a.m. band ANY
 station will be obliterated. This line goes around the corner and right by my farm. I have a lot
 of work to do before this is over.
   Lee  K7TJR  OR

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