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And/or explain why and how if needed.  Perhaps a workshop on RFI. The ARRL lab guys are pretty knowledgable.  

It should be pointed out too that bad RFI means in some situations interference with TV's and broadcast band radios in the immediate vicinity.  Also to be pointed out, that in some situations there could be a fire hazard as a result of RFI=poor design or poor construction leading to RFI and possible fire hazard.

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On 14, Feb 2014, at 11:20, Randy Farmer <w8fn at tx.rr.com> wrote:

> Maybe it would be a good thing for the ARRL RFI guys to establish a relationship with CU to encourage them to do RFI testing as a routine part of their evaluations.
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> On 2/14/2014 10:15 AM, Mike Ryan wrote:
>> I called Consumers Union who publishes Consumer Reports. The rep there (James) indicated that I have to go to Consumer Reports.org, then find the 'contact us' section, and then the 'letter to the editor' tab.  At that point I can offer the item to be tested to see if they would do so. They likely will not be able to or agree to return it which is ok with me. The $49 cost of this POS would be a small cost to pay to have them all eventually thrown in a dumpster behind a store/any store near you.  -Mike
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