[RFI] My RFI - a report.

John Brosnahan -- W0UN shr at swtexas.net
Fri May 9 21:56:18 EDT 2014

At 03:01 PM 5/9/2014, you wrote:
>If the tech company is 7 miles away, then I would probably look closer
>to home for the source...
>I have had an all night only RFI source I have been trying to locate for
>about a year now.  I can get close, but not to the house level yet.  He
>is also taking out 5 or 6 hams, and one at 60 over S9, on all bands, 10
>through 80.  He is less than on e mile from me, every other person he is
>Due to the geography it is difficult to triangulate, or even drive near
>the houses...

RFI locating drones are the answer!    ;-)   Let the drone home in on 
the signal and report the GPS coordinates.


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