[RFI] My RFI - weekly report.

Kenneth G. Gordon kgordon2006 at frontier.com
Mon May 26 12:28:24 EDT 2014

Well, as I reported some time ago, this garbage appears to be getting
slowly worse.

This morning, on 17 meters it was S-8. Switching to 20, it was S-9.

I am setting up a receiving system with a chart-recorder (Rustrak) on the 
output so that I can get some idea of whether or not there is a variation in 
noise level during the day. So far, from just listening over the past many 
weeks, there does not appear to be any daily variation: it just "sits" at 10 DB 
over S-9 on 3600 KHz here 24/7. It rises to 20db over S-9 at times, but I now 
suspect that is because some additional source adds to the "normal" level.  

In order to help with my receiving issues here, I intend to put up a
rotatable, amplified loop of some sort. I am hoping that will at least
enable me to receive signals below S-8...

I and our oldest son will go do some DFing this week some time.

I have modified my "Thompson" DF loop in order to make it easier to take 
more accurate bearings, and have borrowed a Geologist's Brunton Compass 
which will enable us to take the bearings within 1 degree.  

The DF loop tunes to 80 meters, and its size, 24" in diameter, makes it
less accurate on 40 meters and above, but more accurate as one goes down
in frequency.

However, our main noise appears to have a very broad peak at 3600 KHz.

Taking more care with mapping should enable us to at least get within
"smelling" distance of the source.

Trouble is, there is so much OTHER noise, that our main one is difficult
to localize.

In any case, I think we will continue this search by first attempting to
localize the more obnoxious "smaller" sources, then, assuming that, with
help, we will be able to eliminate those, one at a time, we may eventually
be able to more accurately pinpoint our most obnoxious one, that
broad-band "white noise" which is making things most difficult for many of
us around here.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Kenneth G. Gordon W7EKB

"Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."--- John   Wayne

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