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Try S-Mater Lite...  See my review of it at:

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Very handy program!
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On Mon, 2014-05-26 at 09:28 -0700, Kenneth G. Gordon wrote:
> Well, as I reported some time ago, this garbage appears to be getting
> slowly worse.
> This morning, on 17 meters it was S-8. Switching to 20, it was S-9.
> I am setting up a receiving system with a chart-recorder (Rustrak) on the 
> output so that I can get some idea of whether or not there is a variation in 
> noise level during the day. So far, from just listening over the past many 
> weeks, there does not appear to be any daily variation: it just "sits" at 10 DB 
> over S-9 on 3600 KHz here 24/7. It rises to 20db over S-9 at times, but I now 
> suspect that is because some additional source adds to the "normal" level.  
> In order to help with my receiving issues here, I intend to put up a
> rotatable, amplified loop of some sort. I am hoping that will at least
> enable me to receive signals below S-8...
> I and our oldest son will go do some DFing this week some time.
> I have modified my "Thompson" DF loop in order to make it easier to take 
> more accurate bearings, and have borrowed a Geologist's Brunton Compass 
> which will enable us to take the bearings within 1 degree.  
> The DF loop tunes to 80 meters, and its size, 24" in diameter, makes it
> less accurate on 40 meters and above, but more accurate as one goes down
> in frequency.
> However, our main noise appears to have a very broad peak at 3600 KHz.
> Taking more care with mapping should enable us to at least get within
> "smelling" distance of the source.
> Trouble is, there is so much OTHER noise, that our main one is difficult
> to localize.
> In any case, I think we will continue this search by first attempting to
> localize the more obnoxious "smaller" sources, then, assuming that, with
> help, we will be able to eliminate those, one at a time, we may eventually
> be able to more accurately pinpoint our most obnoxious one, that
> broad-band "white noise" which is making things most difficult for many of
> us around here.
> Keeping my fingers crossed.
> Kenneth G. Gordon W7EKB
> "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."--- John   Wayne
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