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This is the downconverer is use with R820T dongle:


The dongle had a dynamic range of about 48 db (8 bits) so you have to ride
the RF Gain for the best dynamic range and Iwould recommend a high pass
filter to minimize broadcast band interference.

For the money this downconverter and rtl dongle make a heck of a receiver
with a nice panoramic display.

Mike N2MS

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On 28 May 2014 at 11:11, Charles Gallo wrote:

> There are already built SDR radios with antenna and software available 
> for $8.99, you just need a down converter for HF

Having visited the SDRSharp site, and done some reading there, I agree with
Charles that this DOES look like a very useful device to be used as a major
part of a DF receiver in the 24 to 2200 MHz range.

I am now looking for an HF down-converter.

Thank you, Charles.

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