[RFI] Resetting Auto Computer

Michael Germino ad6aa at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 29 14:46:08 EDT 2014

After reading the item from Jim below, I wondered if everyone knew how to reset their auto computer.

Simply disconnect the Ground cable to the battery for about a half minute and reconnect.  
(Worked for my GMC pickup, there may be problems with some newer autos that may be set up with some anti-thief protection.  Some auto radios have to be recoded if power is disconnected.  So YMMV.)

I had a wiring harness problem that took a long time to find and fix, so whenever the throttle control body wouldn't respond I would pull over and disconnect the battery.  It would run for a few hours to a week before the problem would return.

73, AD6AA

Another thing to watch out for with anything Toyota. I bought my 2006 
Sequoia (big SUV) when I began my move from Chicago in the fall of 2005, 
and tried HF mobile on some cross-country trips. That quickly ground to 
a halt when I learned that RF was getting into the car's computer and 
putting me in "limp home" mode. Since I was deep into moving, I had no 
time to troubleshoot it, and once I had moved, no longer wanted to do HF 
mobile. :) Items #1 and #2 are aimed both at this issue, and also at 
minimizing RX noise.

73, Jim K9YC

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