[RFI] Noise Measurements

mstangelo at comcast.net mstangelo at comcast.net
Thu Nov 13 09:21:10 EST 2014

I am looking at using the ELAD FDM-S2 as a RFI receiver.


It is powered by the USB port, has coverage of the VHF as well as HF bands and since it has a decent dynamic range so I can use it as a general coverage or ham receiver as well as an RFI receiver.

Mike N2MS

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That is sad that they won't produce the receiver anymore.  On the good 
side...the active antenna coupled with a Softrock of some variety will 
make a good combination.

Tom   W0IVJ

On 11/12/2014 8:17 PM, David Cole wrote:
> Sad News on the Noise RX...
> http://www.crosscountrywireless.net/sentry.html
> I would have loved one...

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