[RFI] 160 meters RFI caused by low voltage bookcase lights

Kenneth G. Gordon kgordon2006 at frontier.com
Mon Sep 29 14:19:42 EDT 2014

On 29 Sep 2014 at 13:25, Don Kirk wrote:

> Late last week I encountered interference on 160 meters which was repeating at
> 41 khz intervals, and this morning I was able to track the problem down to low
> voltage bookcase lights at my neighbors home which is 430 feet away.  I created
> a website to document this case which includes a link to a youtube video that
> contains receive audio of the noise, and my simple website URL is
> http://sites.google.com/site/bookcaselightsrfi/
> The signal was S9 on 160 meters (approximately 15 dB above my noise floor
> when using a 500 hz receive filter), and it could be heard up into the 80
> meter band.
> We (my neighbor and I) will now dig into his low voltage lighting system to see
> what we can do to eliminate the interference.
> Just FYI,
> Don Kirk (wd8dsb)

A good friend of mine, Bill Waters W7GKF had TERRIBLE problems from a 
low voltage lighting system at a neighbor's home. Despite his best efforts, he 
was never able to eliminate the noise.

That neighbor eventually moved, taklng the problem with them.

I will forward your information on to him. Thank you,

vy 73,


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