[RFI] 160 meters RFI caused by low voltage bookcase lights

Don Kirk wd8dsb at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 13:25:21 EDT 2014

Late last week I encountered interference on 160 meters which was repeating
at 41 khz intervals, and this morning I was able to track the problem down
to low voltage bookcase lights at my neighbors home which is 430 feet
away.  I created a website to document this case which includes a link to a
youtube video that contains receive audio of the noise, and my simple
website URL is http://sites.google.com/site/bookcaselightsrfi/

The signal was S9 on 160 meters (approximately 15 dB above my noise floor
when using a 500 hz receive filter), and it could be heard up into the 80
meter band.

We (my neighbor and I) will now dig into his low voltage lighting system to
see what we can do to eliminate the interference.

Just FYI,
Don Kirk (wd8dsb)

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