[RFI] 160 meters RFI caused by low voltage bookcase lights

David Cole dave at nk7z.net
Tue Sep 30 08:03:47 EDT 2014


Look to the power supply for the lights...  This happens all the time...
I do RFI hunting for the local hams when they ask, and about 30% of the
RFI I find is this sort of issue...  Just replace the supply, being
careful to not expose yourself to a lawsuit in the process...  i.e. if
your neighbors home burns down as a result of your home built PS you get
sued...  One of my neighbors had this exact issue, a new light system
removed the RFI.

You might ask W1RFI if the ARRL keeps a list of these sorts of things,
and reports them to the FCC, if so, send him, or his designee the info
on make and model, etc.  

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On Mon, 2014-09-29 at 13:25 -0400, Don Kirk wrote:
> Late last week I encountered interference on 160 meters which was repeating
> at 41 khz intervals, and this morning I was able to track the problem down
> to low voltage bookcase lights at my neighbors home which is 430 feet
> away.  I created a website to document this case which includes a link to a
> youtube video that contains receive audio of the noise, and my simple
> website URL is http://sites.google.com/site/bookcaselightsrfi/
> The signal was S9 on 160 meters (approximately 15 dB above my noise floor
> when using a 500 hz receive filter), and it could be heard up into the 80
> meter band.
> We (my neighbor and I) will now dig into his low voltage lighting system to
> see what we can do to eliminate the interference.
> Just FYI,
> Don Kirk (wd8dsb)
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