[RFI] Ground source heat pumps

Mel Crichton kj9c at iquest.net
Thu Dec 3 07:39:01 EST 2015

Excellent application of heat pump technology as the delta T (temperature 
difference) is very consistent, meaning the smallest pump working closer to 
full time (nothing worse than an oversized unit running a small fraction of 
time, as far as economics go)

These systems are obviously more expensive than typical air sink heat pumps, 
but some states may offer tax rebates or other energy incentives to use 
them. A few years ago, when there were federeal credits as well, a friend 
installed one UNDER his existing house (they bored from side to side and 
brought the pipes up in his basement with amazing accuracy).... But his has 
variable speed drive on the compressor, so I would suspect RFI issues.... 
fortunately he lives 30 miles from my shack so I have never checked it out

Mel KJ9C

What about heat pumps that use ground water which 5 feet deep and down runs 
around 50-55F

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