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Roger (K8RI) k8ri at rogerhalstead.com
Wed Dec 9 03:32:47 EST 2015

I posted a similar note to Tower Talk.  Please do not cross post any 

A while back I found that our township was rewriting their zoning. I 
found that they planned on addressing towers as a single group and that 
they were also addressing tower heights along the approach paths to the 
local airport (KIKW) which has at present "I believe" 5 or 6 instrument  

I called the head of the zoning board and mentioned that the FAA already 
had addressed the approach and structure heights.  There was also the 
approach to towers, grouping amateur with commercial towers.  That ours 
is a volunteer service that during emergencies works with the EOC.  
Their approach would put the cost of towers out of reach for most hams.

The next day, the person in charge of that part of the rewrite called 
me. We had a nice talk for a good half hour or so.  In the end amateur 
installations were removed from the zoning regulations entirely as were 
the references to the airport.

This was pertaining to antennas, but there have been many instances of 
regulations placing interference problems on the shoulders of hams, but 
a "so what" attitude when it's the ham being interfered with.

It matters not what party is in power, but ham radio often become the 
political orphan, that gets the blame.  We have the ARRL and their years 
of experience behind us, but even with the law on our side, prevailing 
over opinion, be it local or a wider area can be extremely costly with 
the opposition depending on the ham not being able to afford to fight 
the battle.  They also depend on the thought of the hostile neighbors 
it'd cause.  If it's reached this stage it's doubtful if you are on 
their Christmas card list anyway. We need to provide well thought out 
information provided in a helpful manner to try for a friendly resolution..

My point is that I was the only person who called with information 
pertaining to amateur radio.  Had I (one person) not called, there would 
have been some heavy restrictions on ham towers.


Roger (K8RI)

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