[RFI] One Voice Can Make a Difference!

Gary Smith wa6fgi at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 9 17:22:14 EST 2015

As the Brits say: "Good job, well done".


On 12/9/2015 12:32 AM, Roger (K8RI) wrote:
> I posted a similar note to Tower Talk.  Please do not cross post any 
> answers.
> A while back I found that our township was rewriting their zoning. I 
> found that they planned on addressing towers as a single group and 
> that they were also addressing tower heights along the approach paths 
> to the local airport (KIKW) which has at present "I believe" 5 or 6 
> instrument  approaches.
> I called the head of the zoning board and mentioned that the FAA 
> already had addressed the approach and structure heights.  There was 
> also the approach to towers, grouping amateur with commercial towers.  
> That ours is a volunteer service that during emergencies works with 
> the EOC.  Their approach would put the cost of towers out of reach for 
> most hams.
> The next day, the person in charge of that part of the rewrite called 
> me. We had a nice talk for a good half hour or so.  In the end amateur 
> installations were removed from the zoning regulations entirely as 
> were the references to the airport.
> This was pertaining to antennas, but there have been many instances of 
> regulations placing interference problems on the shoulders of hams, 
> but a "so what" attitude when it's the ham being interfered with.
> It matters not what party is in power, but ham radio often become the 
> political orphan, that gets the blame.  We have the ARRL and their 
> years of experience behind us, but even with the law on our side, 
> prevailing over opinion, be it local or a wider area can be extremely 
> costly with the opposition depending on the ham not being able to 
> afford to fight the battle.  They also depend on the thought of the 
> hostile neighbors it'd cause.  If it's reached this stage it's 
> doubtful if you are on their Christmas card list anyway. We need to 
> provide well thought out information provided in a helpful manner to 
> try for a friendly resolution..
> My point is that I was the only person who called with information 
> pertaining to amateur radio.  Had I (one person) not called, there 
> would have been some heavy restrictions on ham towers.
> 73
> Roger (K8RI)
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