[RFI] Laser Christmas Lights

Kirb Nesbitt k.nesbitt at shaw.ca
Mon Nov 23 00:55:54 EST 2015

suggest getting the product manufacturer and model no. of the device in 
question and submit this to IC. Request a response.
We have them here on our street but fortunately a ways down the road 
from us (so far). Let us know what response you receive from IC.


Kirb,  VE6IV

On 15-11-22 06:44 PM, Greg's wrote:
> Beware- like most electronic junk allowed to be sold today, the new "laser Christmas lights" that project various patterns on your neighbours decorated house, are RFI buzz machines.
> Mine (and the ones up and down the street) take care of killing most the HF spectrum and includes some nice AM BC Band swaths of frequencies as well.
> Mine and units were sold by Lowes , and have a plastic lens globe on the front of the fixture, which is pointed towards the desired surface to make a pretty pattern.
> The  "destructive" RFI range heard on my portable radio was + 40 feet.  Seems these lights are the new, popular effect this year and most folks may be surrounded by installations.
> Unfortunately,  my antennas are also all within a 25 foot separation of the neighbours, and the general increase in noise floor from the residential area won't make for a Merry Christmas.
> Greg
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