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I happened to see this email, so I am going to get one of these from Lowe's and make some measurements of it.

ARRL does have the capability of making measurements of noise levels, to see if these devices meet the FCC rules, so it is best that we hear directly about possible interference sources.   Email rfi at arrl.org with info on noisy devices.

Ed Hare, W1RFI

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Beware- like most electronic junk allowed to be sold today, the new "laser Christmas lights" that project various patterns on your neighbours decorated house, are RFI buzz machines.

Mine (and the ones up and down the street) take care of killing most the HF spectrum and includes some nice AM BC Band swaths of frequencies as well.

Mine and units were sold by Lowes , and have a plastic lens globe on the front of the fixture, which is pointed towards the desired surface to make a pretty pattern.

The  "destructive" RFI range heard on my portable radio was + 40 feet.  Seems these lights are the new, popular effect this year and most folks may be surrounded by installations.

Unfortunately,  my antennas are also all within a 25 foot separation of the neighbours, and the general increase in noise floor from the residential area won't make for a Merry Christmas.  


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