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Mike Ryan mryan001 at tampabay.rr.com
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The coil over plug noise here was eliminated for the most part by using 
copper tape to cover the coils. Then some shielding from RG-213 coax cable 
( or Rg8..whatever you have) was then soldered to the copper tapes on all 
cylinders, then grounded together.  I had noise generated by the disc brakes 
on my car. When the static level builds up (frequently) I step on the brakes 
and it cuts off like a switch. It does not immediately come back but soon 
does. Anti-stat powder in the tires was suggested but I never found any. 
(You can see some of this inside new tires when you buy them.) Electric fuel 
pump noise is a bear for those with the pumps inside the tanks like on many 
Ford products. There is information on the web about those who were able to 
conquer it...as I recall some had to go into the tank to get to the pump 
which was how I remembered the fix. What a hassle...thanks Ford. Electric 
cooling fans on cars are common rather than the old belt driven fans. The 
leads to these should have bypass caps. Bonding the exhaust system to the 
frame....in several places in possible. Doors, trunk lids, hoods, all should 
have straps with star washers beneath through the paint. My Chrysler 300 was 
one of the quietest mobile platforms I had ever driven after these things 
were done. -Mike

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Ignition and injector noise on deceleration these are turned off to save 

It's the same controls as my Ram pickup.   The noise blanker in my ic7000 
takes it all out after proper bonding was done.   Including bonding the 
engine block.    With the coil over plugs on my hemi I was not able to 
eliminate the noise with chokes like I was able too on my JK jeep with the 
3.8l engine.

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> On Oct 3, 2015, at 9:28 PM, Michael Coslo <mcoslo at comcast.net> wrote:
> Good evening all,
> My mobile installation in my 2013 Jeep Patriot went well, and is operating 
> FB.
> I do have a bit of noise, but something is a little odd about it.
> Driving along with my foot on the gas, there is a noise like ignition 
> noise, it raises and lowers the number of bursts just like you would 
> expect, but here’s the odd thing. Going downhill, and letting off the gas, 
> the noise diminishes, and then goes away completely, leaving  nothing but 
> ambient band condx. Quietest mobile installation I’ve ever heard. As soon 
> as I hit the gas again, it starts again.
> Now that’s kind of saying fuel pump to me, but every other vehicle I’ve 
> had, fP noise is a high pitched whine.
> Anyone have any ideas?
> -73 de Mike N3LI -
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