[RFI] Auto quieting

KD7JYK DM09 kd7jyk at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 4 23:53:46 EDT 2015

"I had noise generated by the disc brakes on my car. When the static level
builds up (frequently) I step on the brakes and it cuts off like a switch.
It does not immediately come back but soon does."

I had this problem with static generated by the tires on the road arcing
over to the drive-line components.

I had another problem with massive static charges on a vehicle, I've been
thinking of the static wicks used on air-craft should this happen again.

Regarding bonding, which is better, flat woven strap or round cable/wire?  I
see everyone mention flat straps, but why?  I used them on a Toyota Celica
where I operated 6m/2m440 MHz, worked fine.  I sold the car to the OM up the
street, he came by one day, popped the hood and I noticed all the flat
straps had shattered in various places due to vehicle vibration.  Every 
single strap was broken, wire pieces were all over the engine and components 
and the straps were like cactus.

I've been eyeballing the various high-current ultra-flexible silicone and
XLPE covered welding wires at a local shop, they also have dozens of copper
connections in various shapes and sizes, thinking of using these when the
time comes.


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