[RFI] Forgot to mention Re: Auto quieting

KD7JYK DM09 kd7jyk at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 5 00:02:52 EDT 2015

: "I had noise generated by the disc brakes on my car. When the static level
: builds up (frequently) I step on the brakes and it cuts off like a switch.
: It does not immediately come back but soon does."

What about a static wick, mounted/bonded to the vehicle with the tip a very 
small fraction of an inch near the discs, or on the hub or disc shield, 
giving somewhere for the static to drain to?  I wonder if a wick could be 
placed so as to touch the disc in an open and non-critical area?  I've seen 
wicks in phosphor-bronze and stainless steel and most nowadays appear to be 
carbon fiber.  I was looking at several on high-speed craft yesterday, only 
saw one damaged one, maybe due to turbulence.


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