[RFI] Strange noise on 80m

Lee STRAHAN k7tjr at msn.com
Tue Dec 13 20:27:16 EST 2016

  This looks almost exactly like the noise I get from the wood products manufacturer next door. They use VFD drives on several motors there. One is 100 horsepower.
I get the interference also in the 75 to 80 meter band. The noise is also very bad just driving by their plant with an AM radio at 1700 kHz.
 I am getting my ducks in a row getting ready to approach them.
Lee  K7TJR  OR

Here appeared a strange broadband noise over whole 80m band. No birdies, sounds like an extreme QRN. Screenshots from my Elecraft P3 are here:

Dec. 4 3503 kHz

today 3537 kHz

I will be grateful for any advice (possible source, how to locate etc.).

Martin, OK1RR
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