[RFI] Funny E-mail from local manufacturing facility that was causing RFI

Gary Smith wa6fgi at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 23 12:02:10 EST 2016

Glad you got the RFI issue resolved. Also, the great PR re ham radio via 
home baked goods (not Alice's cookies, I hope) was a slick move.

Merry Xmas to all,


On 12/22/2016 3:40 PM, Don Kirk wrote:
> Over the past year I've posted info about a local injection molding
> facility that had purchased two new injection molding machines (one
> installed in 2015, and the second one installed in mid 2016) that had
> variable speed drives that caused interference on 160 meters.  We were able
> to mitigate the interference on the first machine by installing a power
> line filter on the input of the drive (I recommended the model of power
> line filter to them, but they assumed full responsibility).  Recently the
> facility installed the same model of power line filter on the second
> machine, and this eliminated the interference from this second machine.  As
> is customary, I baked cookies and brownies last night and delivered them to
> the manufacturing facility today.  The owner was in a meeting when we
> dropped off the goodies, and later today I received the following E-mail
> from him which I thought was very interesting and humorous, so thought I
> would share it with the group to enjoy.  E-mail below between the dashed
> lines.  Name crossed out to protect the guilty :)
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>  From the taste of the cookies and brownies I imagine you have figured out I
> installed another filter. On another note I thought I would let you know
> Nissei paid for the filters finally. Thanks for the FOOD.  Until next time
> HAHAHAHAHa.  Have a merry Christmas and a silent radio frequency.
> Kenneth XXXX
> XXXXX XXXXXXXX Technologies
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> P.S. Nissei is the name of the manufacturer of the injection molding
> machines.
> 73,
> Don (wd8dsb)
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