Bill Price billp7634 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 23 12:59:19 EST 2016

I live in a HOA subdivision with restrictive covenants. As such, at this time all my antennas are in my attic. I just strung a fan dipole up for 75 and 17. When I operate on 75 I have RF issues. Two of my security lights come on, one of the garage door opener lights come and an electric soap dispenser (motion activated) comes on and dispenses a butt load of soap. I thought it may be due to one side of the 75M dipole coming close to a length of romex. So I located that romex and put two snap on ferrites around that wire with the romex wrapping twice through the ferrite. I also put a ferrite on the power wire from the wall wart after having wrapped that several times. The problem still exists. I also have a 40M dipole and a 10M beam in the attic and have no problems with running a KW at any frequency other than 75M. The ferrites I have are a 31 mix. Any ideas as to how to solve this issue?

Bill   W5LO

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