[RFI] Finding house noise sources

Gary Smith Gary at ka1j.com
Tue Jan 19 09:42:25 EST 2016


Thanks. My mother was deaf and my father had put in some in line 
devices that when the phone would ring or the doorbell would ring, it 
would cause lights attached to a receiver to flash. I've removed all 
the receivers and disconnected the transmit module so they are out of 
the picture. I'm not sure about any preamps in the house. When we 
went cable, I'm sure any preamps were removed. I can't find any and 
the old TV was ribbon line (still sticking up in the hole in the 
floor in the living room). I'll try and track that down. The ceiling 
is a drop down and for some reason, the rectangles in that area are 
different than above me in this room & are attached and unable to be 
pushed up. Maybe they were glued in when first installed?

My father was very conservative with everything and if there was 
anything unused that required electricity, he would have disconnected 
it, he disliked electrical vampires. No wall wart was ever left on in 
his shop if he wasn't in it. ;)



> Others have mentioned a doorbell transformer.  I you are not the 
> original owner and use a battery operated doorbell (like we do), there 
> may be an unused doorbell transformer (or other unused things like TV 
> preamps) attached to that circuit (like we had) , which describes the 
> past two homes I've lived in.  I did build one new home and it's 
> difficult for me to accept that we moved into that, 50 years ago.
> I have one circuit in this home, that is daisy chained through 5 rooms 
> that can be a noise maker.  I need to hire an electrician to clean up 
> the wiring through the whole house.
> 73 and Good Luck,
> Roger (K8RI)
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