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Larry Burke wi5a at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 23 11:32:42 EST 2016

I'm dealing with a neighbor's grow lights at the moment. Fortunately they
are being very cooperative. I tried the Revolution filter listed in one of
the links. It did not help. Coincidently, just yesterday I ordered the
Galaxy ballast as it apparently has a good RFI reputation. I'll post back
after it comes in next week. 

Larry K5RK

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Hi Don,

Here is an update for the group concerning grow light ballasts.  I have
posted links to two commercial filters and an EMI test of a Galaxy ballast.
The link to my web site is:


The new information is at the bottom of the page.

Tom   W0IVJ

On 1/21/2016 10:59 AM, Donald Chester wrote:
> This article appeared on the police.com website about a year ago:
> http://www.policeone.com/drug-interdiction-narcotics/articles/8224280-
> How-cops-are-catching-grow-ops-with-AM-radios
> If ARRL, NAB and the greater amateur radio and broadcasting communities
would distribute this and similar articles as far and as wide as possible,
people carrying out illegal operations would become concerned (or paranoid)
enough about the possible RFI they are generating, to make damn sure their
grow lights are clean. Vendors selling the lighting systems will quickly get
the message and clean up their products, and the problem will abate of its
own accord, sooner, not later. If you suspect one of your neighbours is
causing this problem and want to get rid of the interference without getting
involved with cops, thugs, gangs, reprisals and court subpoenas, just print
off copies of the article and anonymously mail it to the suspected culprits,
or slip it in their letter box or leave it on their doorstep, and the noise
just might inexplicably disappear.
> Someone should forward this and similar articles to "High Times" magazine
and other like-minded publications and webs sites; it would be nice to get
the DIY home grow operations paranoid enough to buy better lighting
fixtures. I couldn't care less if someone wants to grow their own weed; just
make sure your usage or creation of mind altering substances doesn't
negatively impact anyone but your own self.
> This is a rare case where amateur radio operators,  AM broadcasters,  and
other users of the MF and HF spectrum have RFI culprits by the part of the
anatomy where it hurts, if we would just take advantage of the opportunity.
> Don, k4kyv
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