[RFI] Dangerous Situation

Michael Coslo mcoslo at comcast.net
Mon Jan 25 17:40:48 EST 2016

Had it happen at our mountaintop station this past summer. Would have been a real disaster except by luck I was there are the time. Only lost a BCB radio, one computer and ironically, a UPS. Exact symptoms were 160 something on one side of the shack, and 80 on the other. I jumped up, killed the power to the shack and the power company was likewise quick to come out. Seems they hear the term “lost neutral” and it gets their undivided attention. 8^)

-73 de Mike N3LI -

> On Jan 25, 2016, at 4:57 PM, HankP <pfizenmayer at q.com> wrote:
> A year ago I located a noisy pole - the RFI guys came out and confirmed it AND found a open neutral - told me thanks - it was dangerous as hell - The line crews were out in less than a half hour . 
> Guess it gets their attention.
> Hank K7HP 
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