[RFI] Dangerous Situation

KD7JYK DM09 kd7jyk at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 25 21:03:55 EST 2016

: If the neutral is open at the service drop, other services, like cable tv,
: could be carrying the neutral currrent on it's shield, creating a hazard
: for  workers and users downstream.

My place was built in '81 by a mixture of stoners and people that didn't 
care.  I have an electrical code book from about 2005, each and every 
example with a circle and line through it with "NO" under it is in my place. 
I've straightened most of it out over the years.

There was a ground wire for the service, 220VAC, 200A, it wasn't connected. 
There was a neutral issue I never precisely figured out, but straightening 
other things resolved it.  The irrigation system neutral was through the 
well casing.  I'd sit on the wellhead while programming the timers and 
notice the lights flickering.  I got zapped in the butt and found the issue.

There was no neutral to the house.  Two 120 VAC circuits, a disconnected 
ground and a neutral that wasn't connected right.  How could this place even 

Turns out the return was through 110' of 1.5" PVC water pipe.  Not the pipe, 
but the water itself!  The place ran some 25 years like that.  What a 
freakin' mess.


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