[RFI] Blower noise from Carrier Furnace

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Did you ever had to deal with the seller when you encountered radio interference?

Your experiences may be helpful.

Mike N2MS
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For years when buying nearly every electronic device I ask the store 
manager if he/she knows of any instance that the device I want to buy 
has previously caused radio frequency interference.  I have given them 
the opportunity to contact the manufacturer for more information (none 
have ever done that).  Then I put a sentence in the sales agreement that 
says the purchase is contingent on the device not causing "harmful radio 
interference" and have the store manager sign it.  Nobody has ever 
refused!  I have been prepared if someone said no, to counter with, "Do 
you have any products that will meet my requirements"?  Of course you 
need to be willing to take your business elsewhere.  Finally always 
purchase with a credit card in case there is a problem.  Do this in a 
matter of fact way without sounding like you are looking for a problem.

My $.02.

Larry, W0QE

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