[RFI] FW: ARLB022 FCC's OET Clarifies Emissions Compliance Testing for RF LED Lighting Devices

Roger (K8RI) k8ri at rogerhalstead.com
Sat Jul 2 02:59:05 EDT 2016

I'm located on the centerline for 06 and just inside the FAF for the GPS 
06 approach.  I'm far enough out, I could get away with about 190 feet 
which is more than I could afford anyway.  I sometimes hear their AM 
calls to Unicom on the 2-meter band as they pass overhead.

When I was flying, I'd just look down. If I was where I belonged, my 
house was about 1000' below me.


Roger (K8RI)

On 6/30/2016 Thursday 6:07 PM, KD7JYK DM09 wrote:
> : I'd guess it's a start, at least!
> I predict no change other than a run on Part 15 labels which the products
> have always had.  Adding an "a" or a "b" to the report before manufacturing
> is unlikely to mean anything except the maufacturer for a moment, long
> enough to push the same junk through.
> "[W]e have found that emissions from RF LED lighting devices are
> non-periodic, broadband in nature, and are produced as a byproduct
> of the internal driver circuitry within the RF LED lighting device,"
> What is a "RF LED lighting device" and since LEDs run on DC, why does such a
> potentially troubling circuit exist beyond a battery and rheostat?
> the OET "knowledge database" paper said. "These types of emissions
> have adequate energy and potential to generate radiated emissions
> well above 30 MHz."
> Yes, I hear them well into the 300 MHz range when I'm out and about.
> "was pleased to see the FCC's OET clarify the test measurement requirements.
> He said ARRL is generally hearing more RFI complaints stemming from RF LED
> bulbs."
> Can someone clarify an RF LED bulb?
> "the Lab has seen LED lighting devices causing problems in the 2 meter band.
> "Since conducted emissions limits do not apply above 30 MHz, radiated
> emissions limits can be the first line of defense against RFI at these
> higher frequencies."
> That would be nice.  I've been working with aircraft communications since
> mid-last year and noise is a big problem at ground level, often rendering a
> receiver useless.
> If something was to change, what about the millions of RFI generating
> devices that already exist and are causing the current problems?
> Kurt
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