[RFI] LEDs et al

HankP pfizenmayer at q.com
Sat Jul 2 04:13:27 EDT 2016

I can hardly wait until AZ passes their "Recreational Marijuana " law - they just presented 250K signatures on petitions to get it on ballot . Part of the law is that everyone is entitled to have 6 plants - Having suffered for several months with ONE grower behind me - resolved because he moved - I can just imagine how its gonna be when all the cheapest possible grow lights start appearing for the 6 plants . You can kiss 160 thru 80 goodbye and the really lousy ones go thru 15 meters . Hank K7HP ----- Original Message -----
> Kurt, your mention " If something was to change, what about the
> millions
> of RFI generating devices that already exist and are causing the
> current
> problems?"

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