[RFI] LEDs et al

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Why do you need grow lights in the desert?

I can see hiding the plants if growing is not legal but why don't you grow it using natural sunlight?

If you don't use grow lights you don't generate carbon gases. You are saving the atmosphere as well as radio spectrum :-)

Mike N2MS

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I can hardly wait until AZ passes their "Recreational Marijuana " law - they just presented 250K signatures on petitions to get it on ballot . Part of the law is that everyone is entitled to have 6 plants - Having suffered for several months with ONE grower behind me - resolved because he moved - I can just imagine how its gonna be when all the cheapest possible grow lights start appearing for the 6 plants . You can kiss 160 thru 80 goodbye and the really lousy ones go thru 15 meters . Hank K7HP ----- Original Message -----
> Kurt, your mention " If something was to change, what about the
> millions
> of RFI generating devices that already exist and are causing the
> current
> problems?"

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