[RFI] Mobile phone expansion could disrupt keyweather satellites

EDWARDS, EDDIE J eedwards at oppd.com
Mon Jul 25 08:20:45 EDT 2016

Probably SmartGrid equipment.  Could be wireless on any range of freqs.

73, de ed - K0iL

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"There are still BPL systems in operation?  I thought that whole technology
had pretty much fizzled out by now because it performed so poorly."

I "think" I've seen mention of the systems being deployed still in various
areas.  Seems to me I read this in the Ham mags within the past year or so.
Speaking of which, I was passing through a somewhat local town and saw a
very suspicious amount of equipment on a power pole, like nothing I've ever
seen, and I've been looking at pole equipment for decades.  I've been
meaning to go back and see what it is.  From memory, several large boxes and
what appears to be some sort of coupling to the power lines.  Will know more


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