Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Wed May 4 13:46:45 EDT 2016

In their comments in the AM Revitalization proceeding before the FCC,
the National Association of Broadcasters filed comments that called on
FCC to take action to reduce the high noise floor in the medium wave
band.  See page six in
which is excerpted below:

Notwithstanding this well-intentioned proposal, NAB submits that the
most important action the Commission could take to improve AM radio
reception is to control and reduce the ever-increasing noise floor
that degrades AM signal quality.

AM radio is hindered by a variety of unintentional and incidental
radiators, including electric power transmission lines, electronic
sign boards, compact fluorescent and LED lights and computers, to the
point where many stations no longer enjoy interference-free service
out to the 0.5 mV/m contour.
We have urged the Commission to review the Part 15 rules and other
policies, and where appropriate, inject more specificity into the
rules to clarify that all such devices fall within the Commission’s
purview. We have also asked the Commission to more rigorously enforce
violations of these rules.

NAB recognizes that doing so is a challenge, given the proliferation
of devices that produce RF energy. However, simply allowing AM
stations to increase power to hopefully overcome such noise is
inefficient and sidesteps the root
problems causing the widespread, worsening conditions that challenge
AM broadcasters.

Rather, the Commission should undertake a two-pronged approach of
allowing AM stations to increase power to overcome environmental noise
– without harming or hindering other stations – while modernizing and
vigorously enforcing its Part 15 rules and other policies intended to
constrain undesired RF radiation. NAB looks forward to participating
in such an effort.


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