[RFI] DC Power supplies

charlie at thegallos.com charlie at thegallos.com
Wed May 4 14:51:43 EDT 2016

Hey Gang,
We all know about buying old analog wall warts for power supplies to cut
down on RFI, but sometimes, that is NOT going to happen

With the proliferation of things like LED strip lights, which by
themselves are usually fairly quiet, BUT the power supplies they are
hooked to are often horrid noise bombs, the question becomes

Where can we recommend to someone who put in (or wants to put in)
something like LED strip lights get a power supply?  MOST of the supplies
we will need to replace use a C7 connector on the input (that is the one
that looks like an infinity or an 8) and will need a barrel connector on
the output (typical female).  The output isn't that big a deal if it needs
to be changed, but think about the "hot" side

They typically draw between 3-6 amps/meter of strip at 12V

Believe it or not, I actually see some "line lump" type supplies being
advertised as "No RFI" fairly cheap, but being they are out of China, for
some reason, I trust them about as far as I can throw my tower AFTER it
was installed

I think it might be a real good idea if we could come up with a list of
various "Line lump" (so they can be wired in) type power supplies at
various power ratings that are KNOWN to be good, and sources for them

I'd be more than happy to collect the list and put it up on my web site

73 de KG2V

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