[RFI] MFJ 5008 ultrasonic receiver

HankP pfizenmayer at q.com
Thu May 19 14:46:04 EDT 2016

Bob -- I built the ULAD that was in QST some years ago and bought a parabolic reflector from Edmunds --I can hear birds - crickets my steps walking down the alley - two finger rubbed together at 200 feet - the wind blowing if any wind - in all the time I have had it I have been able to identify 1 piece of hardware on a pole . BTW I fiddled with a couple other 40KHZ rx approaches - but essentially same results. 

The APS RFI guys have the RADAR ENGINEERING ultrasonic receivers and they are very marginally better than my homebrew. 

They have a receiver now that is very effective - They can record the waveform of the noise you hear - (they prefer to record from your antenna ) then go in search of that matching waveform. If I was going to spend any serious dollars on finding powerline arcing - I would do someting that duplicates that ability . 

I have tuned loops - and an ICOM R10 rx which is pretty effective but nowhere near as good as the APS receiver . Have you looked at W0IVJ's VDSL recording with a SDR -- that plus some way to record the waveform would be great . 

73 Hank K7HP 

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June QST has a review of the MFJ 5008 ultrasonic receiver. I am 
thinking about getting one for locating sources of power line noise. 
What do you think of this unit ? 


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