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Roger (K8RI) k8ri at rogerhalstead.com
Sun Oct 2 02:34:07 EDT 2016

<LOL> Here,  "The code" required a metal valve on the input water line 
be used as a ground. The line in from the main as well as the pipe out 
of the valve were plastic.  The electrician just shook his head and 
said, "The code I gotta do it!"


Roger (K8RI)

On 9/28/2016 Wednesday 11:20 PM, KD7JYK DM09 wrote:
> "However, I have run into at least one instance where a "ground" wire (which
> was connected to a PLASTIC water pipe !!!!)"
> >From 1981 to about 2002 or so, this place and associated out buildings was
> served by a 220VAC 200A service with no neutral.  The neutral common to the
> two feeds was water in a 110' run of 1.25" PVC pipe going back to a well
> where it ended at a painted well cap, thus bypassing the ground potential at
> that point and continuing another 200' or so to the stainless steel pump and
> dissipating all current into the ground at that point.  I discovered it by
> sitting on the output pipe to program some irrigation timers and got zapped
> in the butt.
> Kurt
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