[RFI] Regular birdies

Gary Smith Gary at ka1j.com
Sun Oct 2 18:09:31 EDT 2016

Unfortunately, these birdies are not from 
within this house.

I killed the power to the house, ran the 
12V equipment, the K3s and P3 from a 
battery and they still come out just as 
strong on both the vertical and the HI-Z 8 
element. There are some directions the 
HI-Z kills the birdies in. 

What is difficult for me to picture is, 
direction-wise, they seem to have a strong 
signal coming from the west but to the 
west is nothing but marsh, ocean, a 
peninsula, more salt water and finally an 
airport a couple miles away.


Since this appears to come from a power 
supply or some electronic device and most 
likely close by, I'm at a loss. My nearest 
neighbors aren't the type to let someone 
into their house to sniff the air and I'm 
not going to deal with them at this point. 
What might be a workable but expensive 
solution is to find a NCC-1 and use both 
the 8 element HI-Z and the 3 element HI-Z 
to null out the interference.

Now to see if I can find a used NCC-1 at a 
reasonable price.

The beat goes on.  



> Not really sure that I'd call them birdies 
> but here is a family photo of them seen on 
> the P3:
> http://doctorgary.net/RFI-K3s.jpg
> they are regular at 8.02 
> 3.506.07 MHz
> 3.514.09
> 3,522.12
> 3.530.14
> 8.02
> 8.03
> 8.02
> I see them with both the Inv-L and the Rx 
> antenna but much more pronounced on the 
> Inv-L
> They're not on all bands but I come across 
> this all too often. I've looked at the 
> coax connectors and all are tight. Any 
> suggestions? 
> Thanks & 73,
> Gary
> KA1J
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