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Bob K6UJ k6uj at pacbell.net
Thu Oct 6 15:48:23 EDT 2016

thanks Wes,

I have had some other info emails also and I have resolved myself
to the fact that I am putting in a perimeter ground with ground rods  spaced
out along the way.  Under the house is not an option, one reason is that 
I cant
navigate under the house anymore like the young guys hihi.


On 10/6/16 10:36 AM, Wes Stewart via RFI wrote:
> From: Bob K6UJ <k6uj at pacbell.net>
> What would you guys advise in my case ?
> The main panel is grounded as described to a ground rod.
> My ham station has a common bus that all the equipment ties into and
> this ties into four 8 ft ground rods
> spaced 6 feet apart right outside the shack.  As I understand it my
> station ground should tie into the main panel ground.  But in my case,
> the main panel is on the opposite side of the house
> and garage.  (about 60 feet away)  Should I run a wire under the house
> and across the garage floor along
> the wall (the garage has a concrete slab floor) to tie my station ground
> to the main panel ground ?  (ouch)
> Bob
> K6UJ
> Yes, your station ground should be bonded to the service entrance ground.  This is a code requirement, not a radio frequency requirement and worrying about the latter as some folks have done, is pointless.  My code book is quite old, but as I recall 4 AWG wire is sufficient.  It does have to be protected from damage so running it on the garage floor probably won't cut it unless it's in conduit.  Buried a sufficient depth is probably better, even if it's a longer run.
> In any event this does not contribute to appreciable r-f grounding.
> Wes  N7WS
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