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Bob K6UJ k6uj at pacbell.net
Wed Oct 5 14:17:41 EDT 2016

What would you guys advise in my case ?
The main panel is grounded as described to a ground rod.
My ham station has a common bus that all the equipment ties into and 
this ties into four 8 ft ground rods
spaced 6 feet apart right outside the shack.  As I understand it my 
station ground should tie into the main panel ground.  But in my case, 
the main panel is on the opposite side of the house
and garage.  (about 60 feet away)  Should I run a wire under the house 
and across the garage floor along
the wall (the garage has a concrete slab floor) to tie my station ground 
to the main panel ground ?  (ouch)


On 10/5/16 2:19 AM, Roger (K8RI) wrote:
> Agreed!
> Roger (K8RI)
> On 10/4/2016 Tuesday 3:50 PM, Jim Brown wrote:
>> Not quite.  What must happen at the "Main Panel" is the bond between 
>> Neutral and Equipment Ground. That bond MUST be done where power 
>> enters the building, and it MUST be the ONLY connection between 
>> Neutral and Ground anywhere in the system. There must also be an 
>> Earth Connection (that is, a driven rod) at that point. ANY building 
>> can have as many EARTH connections as you like, and they can be 
>> connected to the "Green Wire" ANYWHERE you like, but they MUST all be 
>> bonded together.
>> "Equipment Ground" in the context of power systems is the steel 
>> enclosures of electrical panels, and of the "Green Wire" throughout 
>> the building.
>> 73, Jim K9YC
>> On Tue,10/4/2016 12:28 PM, Roger (K8RI) wrote:
>>> I think we're caught in semantics and interpretations. Jim (K9YC) 
>>> has the correct interpretation, BUT as he says, it' the GROUNDS that 
>>> are all tied together.
>>> I believe Panels and sub panels are grounded ONLY at the main panel. 
>>> Sub panels have their grounds run to the main panel which is the 
>>> only ground for the panels 
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