[RFI] 160m Noise

Larry Burke wi5a at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 4 21:06:26 EDT 2017

Looking for ideas for what the source of this noise might be:


The noise seems to start at the very high end of the AM broadcast band and
extend well into 160m. There doesn't appear to be any relationship to
day/night, 12-hr timer, temperature, rain, etc. It's pretty much there 24/7
with brief reduction in amplitude (as seen in the video) from time to time.
I am able to narrow down the direction of the source using my 8-circle
receive array. Unfortunately that direction is directly into the
neighborhood across the highway from me as well as into a residential pole
line (although this doesn't seem line power line noise to me). Near as I can
tell the noise is confined to the 160m band +/-. I do not hear it on other
HF bands or VHF. 


The receiver used is an SDRPlay with SDRUno software in the AM mode. 


I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the video. It was taken on
the spur of the moment with my phone. I'm open to ideas for improving video
capture off my PC monitor as well. 


- Larry K5RK

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