[RFI] Leased Solar Panels: Operator Responsibility?

Tony dxdx at optonline.net
Mon Nov 13 18:38:09 EST 2017


It follows that the operator would be the responsible party, but when 
you consider the fact that the Optimizers get their power from the solar 
panels,  and the only way to shut them off is by physically 
disconnecting them, it would appear the responsibility of that part of 
the system would fall under the control of the company.

My neighbor said the company owns, maintains and operates the system. He 
also said that he is not authorized to operate or make any changes or 
modifications. Of course without seeing the written contract, it's all 
speculation. I'm hoping I can convince my neighbor to let me have a copy.

Tony -K2MO

On 11/13/2017 3:49 PM, Randy Standke wrote:
> The "operator" of the system is responsible for FCC violations.  If a
> homeowner bought the system, it would be him.  If an outside company
> operated and maintained the system on a homeowner's roof, it would be that
> company.  I suspect if a homeowner used a lease strictly as a way to finance
> the system, he would be the operator the same as someone who bought it -
> since he is the only one who has control of its operation.
> Randy KQ6RS
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