[RFI] Leased Solar Panels: Operator Responsibility?

dalej dj2001x at comcast.net
Tue Nov 14 18:48:49 EST 2017

Wondering what they are going to knock down from S9+40 to what, nothing or something less than?  

Also wondering if the FCC is kept informed of this?

Dale j. K9VUJ

On 14, Nov 2017, at 17:14, Randy Standke <r55stan at gmail.com> wrote:

Your spectrum plots look just like SolarEdge RFI does.

I just met with a SolarEdge engineer.  His contact information is Tefford Reed <Tefford.Reed at solaredge.com>.  They are working on several houses surrounding a ham in Poway, CA (who has S9 +40dB RFI from the new SolarEdge systems that just went in near him).  They plan to correct the SolarEdge installations near me in two weeks.  It is great to finally see some activity from them.  Tefford told me to ask hams with SolarEdge RFI to contact him.

Randy KQ6RS

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> In this case the solar panels could be covered with dark tarps to stop 
> their interference.  They can stay covered until SolarEdge comes out 
> and fixes that system. Randy KQ6RS

The tarp solution should work. My neighbors SolarEge system goes quiet at night when the panels are inactive. The attached screenshots show the difference between the daytime RFI noise level and the nighttime noise level.

Tony -K2MO

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