[RFI] Comcast - 80 meters rings phones

Augie "Gus" Hansen augie.hansen at comcast.net
Sun Nov 19 11:52:59 EST 2017

Hi Steve,

If any phones in his home have extension cables they are likely using 
parallel wires, not twisted pair. Replacing such extensions with quality 
UTP cable goes a long way toward curing this type of RFI. Also, many 
houses have phone wiring that is effectively a big loop, so that an 
outlet can be installed easily at any point along the loop. Problem is 
it makes a very nice antenna. Often just opening the loop at a 
convenient point works, but there are "loop buster" L/C circuits sold 
commercially that can be inserted in the loop to block or at least 
reduce the RFI susceptibility while maintaining the installed loop 

Gus Hansen

On 11/19/2017 6:39 AM, Steve London wrote:
> I am working with another ham to solve his unusual RFI issue.
> He uses Comcast for internet, TV and phones. When he is on 80 meters, 
> it rings the phones in his house.
> He hasn't tried anything, yet, to cure the problem.
> Suggestions ?

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