[RFI] Question about excess

Wes Stewart n7ws at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 9 17:51:15 EST 2018

Coil 'em up or bundle 'em up and throw a tie wrap around 'em, or leave them dangle and stop worrying about it.

IMHO, there is far too much hand wringing about this stuff. The only CM chokes in my station are molded onto the cables supplied by the computer and monitor suppliers and the one outside at the feedpoint of my inverted-vee. It"s one of those "low-performance" W2DU types.

If I use a handheld HF radio to sniff up close to the clothes washer and dryer, the fridge, the dishwasher, the induction cooktop, the computer monitors and TV sets, the wall warts, etc, I hear garbage.  I hear none of it using the HF antennas on the tower a 100' away.  On 160 using the TX Inverted-L on receive I still hear more than I can work with 500W. 

Wes  N7WS
 Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2018 19:33:44 -0700
 From: Greg Newberry <greg at obillow.com>

 Hello all,
 I've been following the forum for a
 while and learning a great deal 
 about RF, RFI, etc. So I'm in the
 process of cleaning up my ham shack. 
 Putting in a SPG (single point ground)
 and in general, being pro-active 
 about RFI.
 One thing I'm not sure of; what should
 I do with the excess length of 
 power cords. i.e. A 6ft cord on my
 computer, but it's only two feet to 
 the outlet. Extra length on wall warts,
 audio cables etc. ?
 Coil them up, bunch them up? I don't
 really want to cut them all down to 
 length, as I do move things around.
 Thanks in advance,

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