[RFI] LG machines can be OK

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Agreed, with KR1ST.
Our Bosch bears that out.  
It's model is: SHX68T56UC.  
The RFI it generates can be mitigated.

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I think we should be careful to wholesale blame a brand for RFI. I'm 
sure that for every brand you can find folks who had RFI problems and 
folks who didn't. I put zero value on reports that only indicate to stay 
away from one brand or another. I think we can do better than that and 
should provide model information, details on the experienced RFI, and 
perhaps the method on how it was determined that the RFI was generated 
by that particular appliance. Even nicer would be information about RFI 
mitigation attempts.

We purchased a LG washer (model WM3270CW) and dryer (model DLE3170W) at 
the end of 2016 based on a Consumer Reports recommendation and searching 
the net for *substantiated* reports of RFI problems (we found none). 
After installation I checked with a FT-817 around the appliances and 
found no significant RFI from either.

Oh, they also do an excellent job washing and drying laundry. :-)

--Alex KR1ST

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