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Amazon presently sells the UV-5R for $24.95.  I just checked.  It's not a
scam although I can NOT condone the assembly lines staffed with slaves of
the state.  Likely, the assembly lines are completely robotic and require
human intervention only occasionally.  The old HP printer line in
Vancouver, Wa. required only ONE human per line in case of a malfunction.
There were 16 active lines at any one time cranking out printers.  That's
all gone to China with the sacrifice of the traditional HP quality (pre
Carly and 'The Split").  The three units I had/have do no quite pass FCC
regs for harmonics and spurs, but fail by only a few dB into a dummy load
(I have the test gear to properly measure that).  I have not checked the
emissions into the rubber duck that comes with the units as I don't have a
truly broadband 'antenna' other than a very short length of wire (< 0.10 of
a wavelength at the highest frequency at which I care to evaluate) nor an
SAIC in which to test.

Personally, I have no use for all the fancies, bells and whistles, and
gee-whizzery that comes with the present-day handi-talkies from the major
three of four suppliers (if you include Alinco).  I realize the newbies get
stars in their eyes for all the digital gee-whizzery, but I've been a
licensed ham for some 60 years and the gee-whizzery doesn't tickle my
fancy.  I just require reliable communications from a small hand-held unit
at a reasonable price.  That's what BaoFeng offers and its not a flame
thrower for out-of-band emissions like some other Chinese imports.   I
believe marketing uses those added 'fluffs' to justify the exorbitant
prices they charge for a simple HT.  $600 for an HT......?  Not in my
estimation !! !!! ! !! !  $300 for a simple HT?  Not for me!!!!!  Just not
interested when I can get reliable communications in a small package for a
reasonable price (from China).  Besides, most of the 'fluffs' are just in
the firmware with nothing to improve the RF performance of the expensive

You may gather, I like my BaoFeng BF-8HP handi-talkie.  I even paid a
reasonable price:  $70 from Amazon.  But, it does NOT do the claimed
7-watts.  Do I really care?  7-watts over a solid 5-watts is only 1.5
dB......HARDLY worth the marketing claim!!!

Dave - W ØLEV

On Wed, Apr 10, 2019 at 10:56 PM Jim Brown <jim at audiosystemsgroup.com>

> On 4/10/2019 3:20 PM, Daniel Donnelly wrote:
> > First, aside from China no company make a comparable HT
> > What I am speaking about is that no American, Japanese or Western
> > corporation manufactures a LEGAL HT that covers the same range of
> > frequencies.
> That's because it is ILLEGAL to sell such a radio in the US.
> > This invites design compromises by Baofeng that the FCC
> > considers illegal.
> Uh, FCC Rules are the LAW of the land!
> >   Baofeng like many Chinese companies wants to take a
> > major market share of  western manufacturing. .
> > Yes, I know that the official problem is Baofeng radios have a tendency
> to
> > produce "spurs" or frequencies outside generally accepted limits,
> Which makes them ILLEGAL to sell or use!   If you transmit a spur that
> causes interference, you are committing a crime!
> > I am not
> > defending Baofeng I am pointing out market dynamics
> > Many Baofeng radios are sold for the express purpose of being able
> operate
> > in the 2 meter or 70 cm Amateur bands as well as GMRS and/or FRS  by
> those
> > legally licensed to operate on those bands, as many involved in emergency
> > services do.
> > Until HT's are manufactured by western corporations legally covering
> those
> > bands sales and market share loss will continue.
> You are clearly ignorant of FCC Rules.
> > People will always buy a usable radio at the lowest price.
> Only people who don't understand low price often means low quality, and
> these radios ARE low quality.
> > America has long been known as the  mass producer of the world and
> America
> > has some of the best engineers in the world. Can't we produce a better
> > radio at a better price?
> Some countries have the quaint idea that paying people a living wage is
> a good thing. That includes most of Europe, Japan, S Korea, Australia,
> New Zealand. THAT'S a BIG part of the cost difference. Would YOU like to
> work 60 hours a week for $30?  And what religion teaches to support
> businesses that treat their workers so badly? Certainly not mine!
> Also, the radios made by the major JA companies are far superior to the
> cheap junk you seem to be praising.
> Oh, by the way -- that $24 dollar ad is a scam.
> 73, Jim K9YC
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