[RFI] What would cause noise like this?

Dave Cole dave at nk7z.net
Sun Nov 3 07:37:01 EST 2019

Check out the web page at:


for an automated way to sample your RFI environment...  It uses a SDR to 
sample across time and wide bandwidths...  Very handy for getting a 
"feel" for your RFI environment prior to a "boots on the ground" look.

73, and thanks,
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On 11/2/19 10:07 AM, Frank O'Donnell wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestions on locating noise sources with 
> direction-finding gear -- I will check those out.
> My main interest in posting was to ask if this pattern was an obvious 
> smoking gun for a particular type of noise source -- or whether, say, 
> the fact that it started an hour before sunrise would necessarily rule 
> out solar panels. Dave's comments about the schedule of RFI appearance 
> are helpful, and I'll keep an eye on that.
> To answer Jim's question, this view covers about 180 to 440 kHz.
> Thanks again and 73,
> Frank K6FOD
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