[RFI] Spectrum Cable Boxes

Gary Johnson gwj at wb9jps.com
Sun Nov 10 23:10:33 EST 2019

That Jameco *is* a switcher. Note the small size and wide input voltage range. Linear “adapters” simply aren’t being offered new anymore.

Gary NA6O  

> On Nov 10, 2019, at 7:20 PM, rfi-request at contesting.com wrote:
> Jameco Reliapro ST-123A Wall Adapter Transformer 12 VDC 3 Amp 36 Watt 3.8"H x 2.1"W x 1.6"D Screw Terminal Output
> Amazon has one for $17.95Not a switching power Supply, but have no first hand knowledge if it could be affected by RFI.
> Mike73, AD6AA?

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